Canberra-Experience the Gorgeous City of Australia

Posted by Jeremy Storer on February 9, 2011

The fringing beaches, close by cultivated seaweed, flashy and maturing flowers, who would not be awestruck with the enthralling exquisiteness of Canberra city? Cool your heels as the man-made panorama of this spectacular city might grab your heart.
Canberra, the capital of Australia, is one of the few planned cities of the world. It is a vivacious city that is positioned in a park, with a hodgepodge of wonderful experiences as well as colors that change with every season.
Canberra is an ideal place to enjoy your holidays with your family because of peaceful and tranquil coastlines, stunning lush bush land along with incredible mountain tops.
For sport lovers, it also enjoys an excellent sporting culture with numerous festivals and events occurred all over the year. The city has been continuously hosting prime sporting events, exhibitions and games from many years.
In a few words, Canberra is not an archetypal capital city, It possesses its own unique look and features which have become the attractions for tourists all through the world.

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