The Thrilling Ancient World of Kakadu National Park

Posted by Jeremy Storer on June 21, 2011

Situated in the Alligator Rivers Region of the Northern Territory of Australia, Kakadu National Park is just 171 km from the south east of Darwin, covering an area of 4,894,000 acres, 200 km from north to south and over 100 km from east to west. The size of Kakadu National Park is about one-third the size of Tasmania, almost half the size of Switzerland, or exactly the same size as Slovenia.

Kakadu National Park is an amazing natural wonder, the home of more than 2000 variety of plant species and hundreds of mammals and reptiles who are the inhabitant in the gigantic region of guarded land just beside the historical Mary River Wetlands, here you will be able to find some of the most delicate plant species that would have been lost in time if it were not the guarded land and the care of the ancient native people who have inhabited Kakadu for more than 50000 years. It is announced as a World Heritage site considering the natural viewpoint as well as the cultural one. Its ancient world will not only thrill the body but also the mind.