Tasmania- The Natural Treasure

Posted by Jeremy Storer on August 2, 2011

The smallest of the Australian state Tasmania the South East Commonwealth of Australia surrounded by the Bass Strait and located 240 km south of the state of Victoria and consists many offshore islands, among which are Bruny, the Hunter Islands, the Furneaux Group , King Island, and Macquarie Island. The isolated Tasmania the physically dazzling, unique and accessible island is an ideal tourist place.

Tasmania is the blend of variety with beaches surrounding its coastline, while national parks and reserves, comprising about one third of the island, protect its remarkable landmass, which structures more than 2000km of world-class walking tracks. Hobart which is the largest and the capital city of the state was established in 1803. Opportunities like bushwalking, cycling, rafting and kayaking which are offered by the island due to its natural treasure. The most mountainous state of Australia, Tasmania hogs the smallest share of the population and the lowest rate of immigration due to which the society is not multicultural.