Mackay- City of Genuine Hospitality

Posted by Jeremy Storer on October 11, 2011

If you want to experience a unique holiday which is affordable and diverse escapes from the crowds then discover the undiscovered city on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia, about 970 km north of Brisbane, on the Pioneer River, Mackay also known as the sugar capital of Australia because its region produces more than a third of Australia‚Äôs cane sugar. The rich and colorful past of Mackay region is economically established on the sugar cane mostly but, along with that the mining, beef and agriculture also played a major role.

This sugar capital of Australia offers outstanding national parks, isolated islands and beaches, spotless coral ridges, bountiful fishing points, historical villages, genuine country openness, scenic drives, great errands and fabulous dining due to which Mackay region is famous as a perfect destination for travelers seeking an pure, friendly divergence to more established, built destinations along the strand.