The Twelve Apostles- Nature’s Wonder

Posted by Jeremy Storer on November 1, 2011

In the southern ocean off the coastline the pillars of stones created by the geographic phenomena is known as the Twelve Apostles, the name derived after the New Testament Greek word apostles which means the one who is sent forth as a messenger and should not be confused with a disciple. By the tradition it is believed that Jesus has the twelve apostles who had spread Gospel after his Crucifixion. The fact which is responsible for the creation of Twelve Apostles is that the erosion in the limestone rock faces created copses in the strands and after a lot of years they join and transformed into curves. Eventually these arches collapsed and created the columns which we admire today.

Twelve Apostles are situated in the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park and along the Great Ocean Road on the seaside of Port Campbell National Park in Victoria. Some of the activities like scuba diving, kayaking is offered by Marine National Park of Twelve Apostles, while activities like hiking, camping and cycling can be done in Port Campbell National Park.