Launceston – One of the most popular holiday destinations of Australia

Posted by Jeremy Storer on November 29, 2011

An oasis for the busy city dwellers, Launceston was settled by Europeans in March 1806, and is the second largest city of Tasmania. Full of culture, eateries and museums, this city also has fine amalgamation of flora and fauna.

The city center with an exhaustive historical background is also an architectural delight, which must be viewed during the Launceston Historical Walk.

Along the riverbank, one could visit the Royal Park to witness wildlife. The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery across this Park also must be visited for a complete experience.

A few minutes’ walk away is “The Gorge” containing Victorian display of gardens and natural pool, making it ideal spot for picnic.

30 minutes drive is required to reach Lilydale, having breathtaking views of vineyards and gardens which are hypnotically beautiful.

Beaconsfield, known for its gold mines, is another tourist attraction with a historical museum situated in Grubb Shaft.