Watch out for Crocodiles in Darwin

Posted by Jeremy Storer on August 8, 2012

If you are enjoying some holiday time in Darwin then why not hire a car and head to the Crocodile Park, located in the heart of Darwin. See the many crocodiles all together in the water. Watch them fight for food as the park rangers send large lumps of meat down a flying fox over the top of their lake. Then take up the opportunity to feed some of the largest crocodiles and be taught how to best feed them off a stick. Best of all, get to hold onto a baby crocodile and take a fantastic happy snap. Learn about the amazing talents and abilities of the Crocodile, such amazing creatures they are. They can hide in the shallowest of waters ready to snap their jaws on an unsuspecting swimmer. Learn about the dangers of swimming in Crocodile waters. At night head to the moonlight cinema, you’ll never forget the experience. Sit back and watch your movie under the stars in the perfectly balmy warm evening. Of course if you have plenty of time to explore further out into the Northern Territory then hire a car and head to world heritage Kakado National Park.