Explore the magnificent Halls Gap

Posted by Jeremy Storer on October 11, 2010

If you're an enthusiast of the bush then grab a cheap car rental Horsham and head out to Halls Gap, located at the foot of the Grampians. The Grampians include superb national and state parks which offer a diverse array of native wildlife, picturesque walking tracks and breathtaking scenic attractions. If you’re interested in wildlife this is the place to look, from the typical kangaroos through to emus simply walking nearby. There are more walking tracks then you can count and of all levels of difficulty. Some tracks lead you to magnificent views over the countryside whilst others lead you to large waterfalls. If you speak to the locals then you’ll know that one of the main attractions in the town itself is the ice-cream store which is always buzzing with business. There is also a range of restaurants and gift stores of which another one of the hidden treasures includes fudge of all sorts of unimaginable varieties!