Melbourne- A Paradise for Tourists

Posted by Jeremy Storer on February 3, 2011

Melbourne is one of the great places to visit in Australia, featuring great events, delicious food and liquor as well as a fabulous arts panorama. It is a city with infinite choices. It attracts the tourists by its both classy and quaint bars in addition to the lip smacking food offered by the restaurants. It would not be enough to listen about the gorgeousness of Melbourne, unless you visit it personally.
If you are going to explore this beautiful place with your children, there are many places which will make your children delighted and full of life. Positioned on Port Philip Bay, Melbourne is having a number of beaches especially by the eastern side. The stunning beaches are liable to be backpacker’s paradise, even children can enjoy swimming, kiting because of no dangerous waves there.
If you are a shopaholic, Melbourne Central is a great place to explore your favorite items. It is a grand group consisting of over 200 shops, restaurants and cafes.

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