Experience the Variety of Colors in South Australia

Posted by Jeremy Storer on March 4, 2011

The 4th largest amongst the states of Australia, South Australia is bounded on the South by the Indian Ocean bordering rest of the mainland states, South Australia’s two third portions is covered by the near desert like environment. Consisting of the bitter and pounding condition, the state still seduces the visitors by the various landscapes of its gigantic deserts, masculine mountains and thirsty lakes.

The scorched lands of north – west are sound that is totally opposite of the above, including the stunning Eyre Peninsula & West Coast, fringed by the electric beaches, green colored waters like emerald, exceptional wineries, resident wildlife and the grandeur of its desert landscape, landscape, the gently sloping hills of Mount Lofty Ranges; and the thirsty downs of south-east which are sprinkled by the influential Murray River, the longest river of Australia, in its journey to the sea. Being the largest Kangaroo Island the wide 3700 km South Australian’s coastline offers lovely routes to drive and walk along with its many grooves as well as multinational islands to discover. The important cities are Adelaide, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Whyalla, and Mt. Gambier where the Adelaide is the capital of the state.

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