Horizontal Falls: The Pure Wilderness

Posted by Jeremy Storer on April 27, 2011

Situated in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, the Horizontal Falls is a natural phenomenon. Horizontal Falls, also known as Horizontal Waterfalls, despite of its name aren’t exactly a waterfalls, but is the greatest tidal movements on the planet generated by the rising and falling of the tidal movement which causes a massive volume of water to rush through 2 narrow gaps between three large lakes.

For those who are seeking ultimate adventure, the Horizontal Falls has become a magnet by offering them to explore and experience the most pure wilderness of the area. Imagine the movement of the highest tides in the world, they rise and fall up to 12 m and join 2 large inland lakes with the ocean and 2 narrow gaps surrounded by the highest cliffs due to which the water rush through the narrow opening, creating a waterfall effect. It demonstrates the incredible power of tides and irresistible beauty of the land which is virtually unchanged for over 300 million years. The Horizontal Falls will give you both the terrifying and exciting but mostly great fun experience which would be an unforgettable memory.