Exciting Wonder- Wave Rock

Posted by Jeremy Storer on May 17, 2011

The Heartland which is blessed by the nature with the diversity of landscape and environment is the home to several most famous natural attractions of Western Australia such as Wave Rock which is situated in the east of the small town of Hyden in Western Australia and is named due to the fact that it is shaped like a big breaking ocean wave. Every year more than 140000 tourists visit to view this wonder of the nature.

When you look the Wave Rock it gives a feeling like a giant surf wave of multicolored granite is about to crash onto the bush below. It is only on a four hours drive when coming from the Perth’s northern suburbs through the wheatbelt via York or via Brookston from the southern suburbs of Perth. Another interesting fact is the wave part of the Wave Rock which consists of granite, is almost 15 m in height and 110 m long in length and was created 60 million years ago.