Sydney Harbor Bridge-The Pride of Australia

Posted by Jeremy Storer on September 13, 2011

The pride of Sydneysiders and one of the world’s greatest architectural designs Sydney Harbor Bridge which was build in 1923- 1932, had its grand opening on March 19th, 1932. It was limited for the honor of few for quite some time until in 1989 when the bridge climb in Sydney open its door for the public. This extraordinarily giant object always catches eyesight weather crossing it by car, mounting up it or freewheeling under it, the people always cloud around it just like bees on honey.

The vital statics of Sydney Harbor Bridge are 134m in height, 502m in length, 49m broad and 53,000 tones and it joins the CBD with North Sydney, intersecting the harbor at one of its contracting points. While viewing this monstrously huge object the famous Sydney poet Kenneth Slessor said, “Day and night, the bridge trembles and echoes like a living thing.” Crossing by train or car you cannot view this amazing man made piece of art, the best way to experience the bridge is on foot there is a footpath runs along its eastern side and staircases access the bridge from both shores.