Ballarat: A Lavishing City

Posted by Jeremy Storer on September 20, 2011

At first sight giving memorable impression, particularly if approaching from the west via Western Highway, along Avenue of Honor the lavishing provincial city of Ballarat was titled by Scottish colonizer Archibald Yuille who established the sheep run called Ballarat in 1837 with the name taken from local native words for the area, which means ‘resting place’. The drive which enters the Sturt Street and the city is creased on each side with over 22km of trees and dedicated to soldiers who fought in World War I and ends at the massive Arch of Victory.

Till 1918, before the exhaustion of fantastically rich reef mines of Ballarat, move than a quarter of all gold found in Victoria came from there. Nowadays there are many more obvious attractions especially Sovereign Hill and fine architecture, the town is interesting in its own way. It holds a fairly large student population which makes the city pulsating and gives a reasonably active nightlife. Also, Begonia Festival which is a 100 year old Ballarat festival attracts thousands of visitors in early March.