Alice Springs- The heart of Australia

Posted by Jeremy Storer on December 13, 2011

Alice Springs is considered as the heart of Australia. It is one of the nicest places to visit in Australia. There are lots of things to do and enjoy your vacation in this stunning town. It embraces cavernous canyons, remote indigenous communities, endless desert landscape and a charismatic revolutionary history.

The temperature of the town can go over 40 degrees in summer while the winter nights are so cold that will make you shiver. You can enjoy hot sunny days as well as blue skies for the most part of the year; however, autumn and spring are the best seasons to travel in this town.

The “Spirit of the Night Sky” is a must-see location to visit in Alice Springs. It is situated in the Milky Way Café and Observatory and features great telescopes along with demonstrations which will provide you a greater knowledge about the divine realms.

Alice Springs is the perfect place to uncover those hidden natural marvels that need to be esteemed and treasured.