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Penrith, New South Wales is a suburb of Sydney, located to the west of the capital. It is the LGA of the City of Penrith’s administrative seat. According to the latest census, the city had a population of nearly 179,000 people rising near the Nepean River. Penrith was named for the town in England, however, the word is Welsh and means ‘chief ford’ or ‘hill ford.’ As with the English town, early Penrith was built on only one road. Someone familiar with the English town spotted the commonality and chose the name. Records indicated that the name was in use in 1819. Before European settlers arrived in the area, the Mulgoa tribe of the Darug lived here in makeshift huts. The aborigines were hunter/gatherers, and fished the Nepean River. With the arrival of the Europeans came diseases to which the Mulgoa had never been exposed. Most of the indigenous people died of smallpox. Those who were not killed by the disease were described by Watkin Tench in this manner, “They bade us adieu, in unabated friendship and good humour.” Tench visited Penrith’s area in 1789. He named the river for Lord Evan Nepean, a Home Department under-secretary.

A Wet Golf Game

You may have gotten wet on the golf course before, but this is completely different. You don’t get wet. The floating greens and balls (usually) get wet. Aqua Golf is a fun activity for every member of the family. Stand in your individual hitting bay, surrounded by fencing, and use the provided club. Aim for the netted baskets and targets. If you hit them correctly, you can win money. This activity is unique and fun.

Floating Tea

Take a classic river cruise on the Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler. Your destination is the Blue Mountains National park. While on board the boat, you can enjoy dinner, luncheon, and Devonshire tea or coffee. The gentle cruise takes you through the peaceful river surrounds, and into majestic Nepean Gorge. The romantic, old-style Paddlewheeler has lavish interiors for a cosy atmosphere. Viewing decks allow you to see the gorgeous scenery of the river.