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Barcaldine, Queensland is in the Central West region of the state, about 520 km west of Rockhampton, by road. The town lies on the banks of Lagoon Creek, a tributary of the Alice River. It is the administrative centre of the region, and its name was taken from a sheep station called Barcaldine Downs. The station was named for a location in Scotland, Barcaldine, Argyll and Bute. The population of the small town is about 1350 people. It is best known as the birthplace of the Australian Labor Party. In 1891, the Australian shearers’ strike was focused in Barcaldine, under the Tree of Knowledge. This was the location where strikers met, outside the railway station. The Tree of Knowledge was damaged, in the 20th century, by herbicides, by persons unknown and unapprehended. The strikers number more than 1350, and according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the first May Day march took place. Over 600 strikers were on horseback, carrying banners for the Shearers’ and Carriers’ Unions and the Australian Labor Federation, along with the Eureka Flag. The strikers were asking for eight-hour workdays and liberty, peace, and friendship.

Workers’ Heritage Centre

The strikes that changed the course of Australia’s working history are commemorated and depicted at the Australian Workers Heritage Centre in Barcaldine. The centre is on five acres of landscaped gardens. A residential facility for schools and groups is called the Wanpa-rda Matilda Outback Education Centre. The old world Radio Theatre, complete with canvas seats, stands near the centre. The Youth of Barcaldine designed an erected a sculpture that receives flowing water from the old working windmill.

Nature Calls

There are literally dozens of things you can do around the Barcaldine area, including bird watching. A significant number of birds are found in the surrounds of the town. You might try camping in the Outback. There is nothing to compare to the view you will have of the starry sky when there is no light pollution to block the twinkling. There are several golf courses throughout the area. Fishing is a popular pastime, as is off road driving.