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Boondall, Queensland was formerly known as Cabbage Tree Creek, and is a suburb of Brisbane, lying to the north of the city. The community of 8,600 people resides on the banks of Cabbage Tree Creek, near Moreton Bay. There are several creeks and waterholes that empty into a 707 ha environmental reserve. The wetlands area is fed by Zillman Waterhole and Nundah Creek. The suburb was also known as College Hill. The railway station bore that name, and Nudgee College is located within its boundaries. It is midpoint between Redcliff and Brisbane. The suburb is largely residential, with a fine mixture of young families and retirees. The name Boondall is derived from the aboriginal word that meant either ‘crooked creek’ or the bulb of the cunjevoi lily, a staple in the aboriginal diet. European settlers came to the area in the 1860s, when Cabbage Tree Creek was bridged. The Sandgate Railway brought more people to the area, as did the establishment of Nudgee College. The principal building of the College is a well-known landmark throughout the area, and is listed on the heritage register. It is built according to the Italianate school of architecture.

Entertainment Centre

Boondall is home to Brisbane’s premier entertainment centre that serves as a concert hall, live music venue, and sporting complex. The Brisbane Entertainment Centre is approximately 20 minutes northeast of the city centre, and attracts big name international acts to the area. The centre is in a wetland, surrounded by paperbarks in a picnic area. Barbecue grills are available for your picnic. The Sports Complex is located nearby, for your entertainment and exercise.

Wetlands Park

As Boondall was built up, a concerted effort was made to conserve and protect the wetlands area that is fed by the nearby creeks and waterholes. The conservancy is filled with wonderful walking paths, including one that leads to Anne Beasley’s Lookout. Although the walk can be steep, the view from the top is sensational, and should be enjoyed, if you’re physically able. Bird watching and animal watching throughout the wetlands is a popular pastime, with hundreds of migratory wading birds.