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Castle HillM

Castle Hill is a monolith of pink granite in the city of Townsville. It is the same type of formation as Ayers Rock, or Uluru, in that it is an inselberg. That geological formation is a huge rock island that rises from the surrounding flat terrain. The difference between Castle Hill and Ayers Rock is that Castle Hill is in the center of a town of nearly 200,000 people. Ayers Rock is isolated, at best. There are various peaks to the summit, and three of them are accessible. A former quarry resides on the southern side, which you can access via Stagpole Street. The northern cliff face has been defaced by graffiti. Castle Hill Road, a bitumen thoroughfare, can be drive to the summit of the peak where Hynes Lookout stands. Robert Towns, the founder of the town, has his memorial headstone near the Hynes Lookout platform. During the war, the rock hill was used as an observation post, and the bunker remains on the northern peak. Built in 1942, the low concrete construction has observation apertures on its walls. More than 300 plant species have been discovered on Castle Hill, including orchids, eucalyptus, and hummock grasses.

Magnetic Island

Despite American soldiers’ 1945 offer to ‘blow up’ Castle Hill and use stone for a bridge to Magnetic Island, the beautiful island today is accessible by a different bridge. This island is listed as a World Heritage site, with its great contrast. Granite headlands merge with sandy beaches, lined with Hoop pine trees. Mount Cook rises above the eucalyptus forest, The largest wild-living koala colony is located on the island, and tropical fish live in the coral reefs.

The Great Green Way

You can drive to Townsville on the Great Green Way, then proceed further on to Cairns. The highway stretches for 340 km and provides some of the most scenic beauty in Australia. There are richly abundant sugar cane fields, dense, damp rainforests covering mighty mountains, and waterfalls, nearly too many to count. As you drive along the coast on the Great Green Way, the views of the Coral Sea are nearly divine.