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Explore dugouts and interesting buildings in Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy, a town that is situated in the north of South Australia, is located about 850 kilometers north of Adelaide on the Stuart Highway. There are over 45 different nationalities in Coober Pedy, which makes this a multi-cultural place, which make it a cosmopolitan town with a population of around 3,500 people. It has become a popular stopover point for tourists while they tour around this part of the state. This town is renowned for its unique lifestyle of underground living called “dugouts,” which were built to beat the scorching daytime heat. Interesting attractions include the mines, graveyards, museums, shops, and even churches. Especially during the summer months, the temperature often exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, but it does get much cool in winter. Golf is mostly played in the evening using golf balls that glow so that players can avoid the high daytime temperatures, and the important fact is that the golf course does not have a single blade of grass because it is bare earth. Hiking, horse racing, cricket, and soccer are common sporting activities in Coober Pedy.

The underground and overground wonders of Coober Pedy

The Breakways in South Australia are a striking rocky landscape. It was once covered by an inland sea, which are now home to native fauna and flora. The best time to visit here is during sunset. The Catacomb underground church was dug out in the mid 1970s. Coward Springs campground is an ideal location for camping for the tourists and is close by the amenities. Bars and restaurants in Coober Pedy provide a dining experience with exceptional experience.

Search for Coober Pedy gems

You can visit the underground homes, opal mines and art galleries in Coober Pedy. There are awesome natural landscapes including the Moon Plain, the Painted Desert, and the Breakaways. The desert location and the landscape have attracted many film directors from around the world. The box office movies such as Mad Max, Pitch Black, and Ground Zero, to name a few, were filmed here. Only in Cooper Pedy will you find underground hotels, restaurants, bars, churches, and even museums. This is an authentic place for adventure with your friends or family. You can carry your amazing experience home with remarkable memories of your visit to such stunning places in Australia.