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Devonport, the market gardens of Tasmania

Devonport is situated on the northwest coast of Tasmania. It offers a beautiful view of the countryside and surrounding areas to its visitors. This place is well known in the world as Australia’s market garden. Forty percent of the total production of arable produce comes from this part of the country. It is due to the rich soil of this particular location, which has flourished Australia’s mainland. This has made the island prosperous. With all this importance placed on providing food for the country, the place has become a popular tourist destination for travelers to share in the wealth created by many years of growing food. You can reach the place by air or by sea. The choice is yours. Devonport is the first stop for regular visitors to Tasmania. This is because of the natural beauty and the wonderful attractions of Devonport, which draws many people here from every corner of the world. The coastal shores, the seafood, the deep blue water of the sea, all pay a cordial welcome to its visitors. When you visit Devonport, do not miss the opportunity to have the wonderful view of the Cradle Mountain Lake and St. Clair National Park.

Enjoy the serene beauty in Devonport:

You will be captivated by the wildness underlying the land surrounded Devonport. You can visit the Maritime Museum, where you can experience the history of Tasmania. Devonport Regional Gallery is the most attractive spot for budding artists, as well as art enthusiasts. Viewing 20th Century art places the areas heritage in context. The cultural heritage can be explored here.

Do some exciting things in Devonport

You can make your holiday of Devonport more adventures by making a bike ride towards the Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair. The place offers a charming beauty to all. The breathtaking beauty, the fresh air, and the splash of the water will remind you that you are amidst the beauty of nature and far away from the regular man made structures of the city. You can spend time contemplating where to visit while sitting in a restaurant and dining with a glass of red wine.