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Visiting populous Ballarat

Ballarat is a city that is situated on the river Yarrowee and on the lower plains to the west of The Great Dividing Range and is approximately at a distance of 105 kilometers from Melbourne. It stands third in terms of population in the state, and it is the fifth most populous urban area in the country. The local government of Ballarat includes the urban area corresponding to Greater Ballarat, as well as the outlying towns with area coverage of 740 square kilometers. It is a very important Victorian era boomtown of Australia. At Ballarat, a number of mining innovations in Australia were created here, and a Chilean Mill was used for the first time, as well as the mine cage was also used here first. The only armed rebellion that has been witnessed in Australia, which is the Eureka Rebellion started here, making this place one that has a lot of historical significance.

Things to do in Ballart

If you are in search of doing something that will tempt your senses and make your stay in Ballarat enjoyable then there are is a diverse range of activities that you can do in Ballarat. You can go bike riding, observe the bounties of nature, or go fishing. If you have gone with your family, then you can go to a picturesque spot and have picnic or arrange a barbeque. You can also go sightseeing or participate in sports like skating, swimming, jogging, running, or enjoy a host of water-based activities.

Places to visit in the city of Ballart

The city has a very rich heritage, which is apparent because of the presence of buildings that speak of opulence, fountains, and many tourist spots that speak of the rich history of the city. There is a boulevard, which showcases immense grandeur and has been built to commemorate those soldiers who had fought during the First World War, called The Avenue of Honor. Then there is the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka and the beautiful Lake Wendouree, which provide the option of viewing cultural heritage and romantic scenery respectively.