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The location of Camberwell

If you are thinking about visiting the area of Camberwell, then it is important that you gather as much information on the place as you can. This way, you will have a better option to see all the interesting places in the area. This will also make you more confident that you will be able to visit everything that interests you. This place is a suburb area of Melbourne and is situated in the Victoria State of Australia. The Central Business District of Melbourne is 9 kilometers away and close to all of the local amenities that you would expect. The local government area is known as the City of Boroondara. According to the census of 2011, this area has a population of 20,029 people. The places that you can visit and enjoy are known as the Camberwell Junction for trams, close by are areas for shopping, there are railway stations, the City Hall, and many other places of interest to tourists. The places have so much to offer its visitors. Camberwell makes an ideal place to base yourself for trips to the city and outlying areas, close to parks and gardens and wildlife areas.

Places to see in Camberwell

When you are visiting the place, then you need to know about the places that you can visit in the area of Camberwell. It is true that there are quite a few interesting places in the area and you can visit all of them according to your convenience For that purpose, you can go for the car rental service.

Things to do in Camberwell

When you are at Camberwell, there are various things that you can go for and that is why, it is important to know beforehand. For instance, you can visit all the interesting places, you can go for a shopping spree and buy loads of things form the well known shopping streets in this city. You can also go for the tram ride, hopping on and off as your heart takes you. Melbourne and its suburbs are some of the very few places in the world that has trams, and it has gained the status of a heritage.