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Are you thinking about visiting the town of Cheltenham? If you are, then make sure that you are arranging for the best time you can afford and offers you the highest degree of flexibility to tour around the area. This is the reason that you need to know about the cheap car rental options in the area. This way, you will be able to choose a rental car, which will allow you to run around the town and the adjoining areas with complete freedom. Even on your vacation, you do not have to miss having your own car to zip about in. Many car hire Cheltenham options are available, and you are free to choose any of them from the likes of Hertz, Avis, or Thrifty, to name a few. Needless to mention that you need to choose the vehicle that is most suitable for you or rests within your budget. You only need to search the website to receive information on your booking within a couple of minutes, and you can conduct the search relating to cheap car hire in Cheltenham. It will help you to get the car you want, and save some money on this aspect, which you can use for something else during the vacation. The rent a car option provides a certain amount of freedom. There are various kinds of rental cars available offering inclusive miles, insurance, and sales tax. There are optional extras that can be hired at the time of collecting your car with the company that you choose. When you are looking to hire cars make sure that you are choosing one within your budget and your capability. Any younger drivers will need to pay a small excess. If you are on a budget, you will find something cheap in the car rental option to satisfy your needs.

The area of Cheltenham

This is a suburb area associated with Melbourne, and it is situated in the state of Victoria in Australia. The area is located about 19 kilometers southeast of the Central Business District of Melbourne. The local governmental area is known as the city of Kingston. According to the census conducted in 2011, the population of the Cheltenham area is about 20,292 people. This means that the area is more populated than the many other suburban areas of Melbourne. You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of this area and have a nice holiday there. If you want to tour around the area quite freely, then you must go for a rental car.

Play golf in Cheltenham

If you are wondering about the places that can interest you in Cheltenham, then there are many golf courses, including the Victoria Golf Club, Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Sandringham Municipal Golf Links, available in the area. You can go for any one of them, or you can check a few of them out first before going out to play a few rounds with friends or family, or enter any of the open events, too. When you are visiting a golf course, you need a vehicle that will provide you with the freedom you require. This area is also known for shopping, and you can shop as much as you want in Cheltenham.

Things to do in Cheltenham

There are many things to do in the area of Cheltenham. You can go watch a game or two of cricket or Australian Rules football. Apart from that, you can go for long shopping sessions and enjoy as much as you want of the area in and around Cheltenham. For something a little different, visit the final resting place of many of Cheltenham's most distinguished inhabitants in Cheltenham Pioneers Cemetery, which opened in 1864.