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Every one of us wants to drive the car or wants to enjoy the sightseeing while we go traveling. In such times, we want to hire a car to have a look at the surrounding area of the place. It is certain that you will want to take the rental car service with the cheapest price. You must want the service from a reliable company also. This is why it is better to use rent me a car website to find a reliable service. Therefore, if you have planning to travel to Richmond city in Victoria, then you can make the online booking beforehand to have the cheap car rental Richmond services. To find the service of car hire Richmond, you have to follow a simple procedure. At the time when anyone goes to hire car Richmond, a rental agreement is provided, which shows that the booking has been done properly. If you want to rent a car Richmond late at night, then this company will provide the rental car at any time to suit you. The cheap car hire in Richmond services comes with all-inclusive features. This is why every customer taking this rental car Richmond service will be satisfied. Dedicated professionals help customers with the cheap Richmond rental car services so that you can find additional services like the reduction of the surcharge, petrol, the breakdown recovery services, and the sightseeing facility.

Richmond near the city center of Melbourne

Richmond is situated close to the inner part of the city center of Melbourne. This is actually located in between the eastern part of Melbourne and the city of Hawthorn. Richmond lies on the south bank of the Yarra River. It is 32 kilometers away from the inner part of the city. The Yarra River has created a border to the east, and thus a deep gorge has been carved out there. This offers a calm and quite atmosphere for those who travel to here. The secluded oasis, the grassy riverbanks, the winds, and the river all give a cordial welcome to every visitor. The atmosphere inspires many to pay a visit there again and again. There are also residential areas in Richmond city, where you can explore the history of this suburban area. Being so close to the river allows visitors to enjoy walking and cycling to nearby areas or having a picnic or barbeque with friends or family.

Places to visit in Richmond

Richmond is the abode of the beautiful natural parks, gardens, and riverside ecology. These parks are visited mostly during the picnic season. There is Citizen Park that is located off Church Street. A huge playground and the garden can be seen in the adjacent area of the parks. .There is a famous garden named Barkly Gardens that is located between the link of the Mary Street and Coppin Street in Richmond. The entire street opens up into a walkway for travelers, which is tree-lined. This offers a great view for the pedestrians.

Things to do in Richmond

In the south of Mary Street, there is the McConchie Reserve where you can take photos of wildlife and flora. You can visit the Burnley Harbour also. There you can enjoy the recreational facilities. Richmond city offers you many options for things to do. You can enjoy walking around Richmond. You can shop in the Richmond Plaza. If you love food, then all the restaurants of Richmond have the arrangement to quench your desire for good food. A boat ride is a wonderful option for you to enjoy the waterways. To reach all these destinations, you can enjoy traveling with a rental car.