Lake Eyre: A Spectacular Heaven for Birds

Posted by Jeremy Storer on May 31, 2011

Approximately 15 m below the sea level, the lowest point in Australia Lake Eyre, fills on the rare occasion. At the time of flood the water travels approximately 40 km/ day to reach the lake from down the rivers through the Channel Country which make the Channel Country along with the western plain alive with the grass and wild flowers that promise a good season for the cattle station in that region of Queensland.

At the time of flood the bird life that generate is absolutely astonishing and it is estimated that almost 6 million birds come to the lake to breed on the islands that forms the lake fills. Various kinds of birds such as pelicans, ducks, black swans, silver gulls, terns and many more among which some travels thousands of miles from the coasts, fly in to participate in this incredible scene of massed bird life. It is still a mystery that how they sense that the lake will filled up this year and it’s time to breed. It is a heaven for the tourists and bird lovers as they get the chance to watch this beautiful phenomenon.